Like Mother, Like Son

January 17, 2019

With Joshua having allergies to Dairy, Egg and Soya, it diminishes what we can and cannot feed him. As a result, even with regular vitamins etc., he gets ill more regularly than most other kids. He doesn’t let hit bother him, because he’s a little soldier. My little soldier.

Even though he has additional vitamins and supplements to try and replace what he can’t get from the aforementioned foods, his immune system just isn’t as strong as that of a toddler with no intolerance or allergies.

Tired Toddler

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing life-threatening. Far from it. And I’m not claiming such. He just gets infections and viruses more often, and has had more sniffles and colds than I’ve had Kebabs after a night out.

Nothing major, and you know what kids are like - catching everything under the sun regularly, from other kids at Play Group or whatever.

It’s probably been caused, in part, by the busy Christmas we had: visiting my family in Liverpool and spending time with Lauren’s family down here in Devon, that meant he’s gotten a bit run-down. It’s easy for an adult to get run down, let alone a child.

He stayed up later than he usually would. Probably used a lot more energy than he usually would. And ate a little less healthily than he normally would.

But, what can you do? It was Christmas. More importantly, he loved it.


He started to get a cough at the start of the week and lost his appetite. Then, come Thursday evening last week, the vomiting started.

We didn’t think too much of it. Just another stomach bug. But, 36 hours later and the vomiting and diarrhoea just isn’t stopping. OK, so it’s happening in less regular intervals than when it first started. But, still!

So, a call to 101 on Saturday evening and we got an emergency appointment with the out-of-hours GP. What a lovely guy, by the way! Brilliant with Joshua.

Turns out, as we’d expected but didn’t want to take a chance nonetheless, Joshua had another virus. Water and Calpol was the recommendation, followed by dry food when the vomiting subsides.

Luckily, eight-or-so hours later and Joshua was beginning to brighten up. The vomiting stopped, the diarrhoea settled down, and he even began to get his big appetite back.

Kids are Tough

I am the worst patient in the world. I had the Norovirus just before Joshua was born, and put my heavily-pregnant wife through hell. I mean, I genuinely thought I was dying. Acute food poisoning at the very least. Alas, no. It was just a bad bout of the Norovirus.

So on Sunday evening when Joshua went to bed, even though this had been the umpteenth time he’d had a virus or been ill in two-or-so years, it was the first time I’d actually come to the realisation of how resilient kids are. How resilient and brave my kid is.

There I was, a few months before he was born, almost in tears over a few stomach cramps and consistent chundering. Yet, here’s my two-and-a-bit-year-old toddler - with what feels like his 100th stomach bug - just shrugging it off like it’s nothing.

Zero moping. No whining. Nothing. Unlike me, he just got on with it.

Like Mother, Like Son

He’s definitely his mother’s child. When Lauren is ill, she’s never one to mope around and let it get to her. The complete opposite of me, you might say!

Here was our little soldier - with a bad chest and a stomach virus - bouncing around without a care in the world, occasionally stopping to chunder.

It’s true what they say about kids: they’re resilient. They’re brave. And they never, ever cease to amaze us.

Like mother, like son.


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