Lanzarote: Our First Family Holiday

January 16, 2019
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The first time I ever went abroad, as a 10-year-old with my Grandparents and Sister, I went on my first family holiday to Lanzarote. I still remember the excitement. Even now, almost 20-years later, thinking about that holiday and how elated I was gives me that little buzz in the pit of my belly.

Fitting it was, then, that our little one Joshua’s first trip abroad - our very first family holiday - was also to Lanzarote, some two decades later.

Completely by accident, the hotel I stayed at almost two decades ago with Nan & Pops actually ended up being a stone's-throw from the El Trébol apartments we stayed at in October 2018 with Joshua.


The seaside town we stayed in, Costa Teguise, was exactly as I remembered. That might sound like a bad thing, considering I last visited nearly 20 years ago. But, it wasn’t. The nostalgia only added to the magic of our first holiday as a family of three.

OK, so there are a few hotel and apartment complexes on the way into the town on the trip from Arrecife airport that haven’t been finished. Empty shells. Probably victims of the 2008 Spanish property bubble and global economic meltdown (caused by greedy men in suits).

But that’s by the by.

The town itself is quaint and beautiful, albeit it pretty low-key. You’d definitely be disappointed if you were a group of young lads or girls expecting a Club 18-30 experience. Yet, perfect for a young families.

Life’s a Beach

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, so a lot of the beaches are - as you’ve probably guessed - volcanic (black sand ‘n’ all that). Costa Teguise has a beautiful golden beach straight out of a brochure, though.

We went at the start of October and, even with the temperature hitting 30-degrees every day, the beach was pretty empty. It was complete and utter bliss. The beach is impeccably clean, too. Moreover, watching the sun rise on the beach was something to behold.

Day Trippin’

For a two-year-old, there wasn’t a massive list of day trips to choose from. Although, that didn’t bother us too much, because Joshua was utterly obsessed with swimming in the three pools available at our hotel.

So much so that it was difficult to actually get off the complex without a major tantrum.

We did, however, go on a couple of day trips during our 10-night stay. The best of which being to Rancho Texas - about a 20-minute coach ride from Costa Teguise, in Puerto Del Carmen. In a nutshell, it’s like a zoo and a waterpark amalgamated into one. An absolute winner for parents.

What. A. Great. Day. Joshua loved it. We loved it. And at about €60 for the three of us including coach transfers, you can’t really complain, can you?

The People

I’ve been to all of the ‘big four’ Canary Islands over the years, and have loved the time spent t each and every one of them. The weather is incredible pretty much all year round. The scenery is stunning. But, the people are a different class.

Of course, the islands wouldn’t survive without tourism. Particularly the trade they get from UK tourists. Yet, as much as the local people are probably well aware that tourism is the lifeblood of their economy, they don’t fake being nice. They’re just incredibly humble, welcoming and lovely people to be around.

The people make this island what is is.

Five Stars

Lanzarote and the Canary Islands are somewhat grouped into this handful of destinations that people think Brit holidaymakers go to for a cheap getaway or excessive drinking. The reality is actually far from it.

Yes, you can get some fantastic out-of-season deals online. And, yes, who doesn’t like a drink on holiday?

But, Lanzarote and the Canaries are so much more than bargain basement deals and cheap plonk.

Far from the sanctuary for boozed-up or bargain-loving Brits, Lanzarote is the perfect family holiday destination with a mesmerising landscape and stunning scenery to boot.

Five stars with a capital ‘F’. We’ll definitely be going back.


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